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Blickachsen 11

Contemporary sculptures in Bad Homburg and Frankfurt RheinMain

Blickachsen is an exhibition of contemporary sculpture and installations by leading as well as promising international artists which takes place throughout the summer every two years in the historical parks of Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe and other locations throughout the Rhine-Main region.

With each new exhibition the specific placing of modern works in this classical setting offers stunning new perspectives on both the works themselves and on the original “Blickachsen”, or “lines of vision”, designed for the gardens by the celebrated nineteenth-century landscape artist Peter Joseph Lenné.

The rich and ever-changing interplay between landscape and art lies at the heart of this unique series of exhibitions, which is rapidly establishing an international reputation.


Joannis Avramidis | Wolfgang Becksteiner | Ricardo Calero | Abraham David Christian | Gunter Damisch | Manfred Erjautz | Johann Feilacher | Laura Ford | Bruno Gironcoli | Alfred Haberpointner | Jeppe Hein | Ewerdt Hilgemann | Michael Kienzer | Jean Y. Klein | Peter Kogler | Alicja Kwade | Markus Lüpertz | Gerhardt Moswitzer | Will Nash | Franz Xaver Ölzant | Josef Pillhofer | Pitsch & Schau | Jaume Plensa | Karl Prantl | Stefan Rohrer | Ulrich Rückriem | Babak Saed | Daniel Spoerri | Thomas Stimm | Joana Vasconcelos | Ben Vautier | Manfred Wakolbinger | Raul Walch | Markus Wilfling | Fritz Wotruba | Erwin Wurm

Alternative location: 
Bad Homburg en Frankfurt RheinMain