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Less is More


How is it possible that - in a time when we have the best standard of living ever - we desire more and more? We think that material possessions are the highest attainable and that satisfying this desire for all those things leads to happiness. The excess of merchandise and advertising incentives that we are exposed to today requires a counter-movement and making conscious choices.

What do we really need? Choosing for less seems the key to the good life. Less is More shows works by artists that focus on reduction and essence. With a minimal intervention they create a grand gesture. Less is More can be seen from 19 January in the Voorlinden museum.

With works by: Carel Willink, Jan Schoonhoven, Piero Manzoni, Ann Veronica Janssens, Jan Henderikse, Daniel Buren, Liza Lou, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Alicja Kwade, Eva Rothschild, Henk Peeters, Adolf Luther, Robert Mangold, Miroslav Balka, Donald Judd, Kishio Suga and Xiao Yu.