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retrospectieve Guy Vandenbranden and Maen Florin

Guy Vandenbranden: works on canvas, paper, panel and spatial work from the 1950s to today

Guy Vandenbranden is praised for his important role in post-war art development. Ernest De Buynder of the MuHKA, said at a recent lecture the following about the artist and his role in the New Flemish School, "For the first time since WWII, the modernism and the avant-garde was revitalised. Vandenbranden was taking the key role. "

From the very young age, Vandenbranden focused on geometric abstraction. In the fifties, he became an active member of Art Abstrait, Formes and Art  Construit, artists groups that were committed to an aesthetic that wants to be extremely topical, for art that can stand alongside science and technology.

Over the years, his work has known many logical evolutions. In this retrospective exhibition, we seek to demonstrate these powerful turns.

Maen Florin: spatial work and monumental sculptures

The images of Maen Florin often show us the outside of a cocoon or husk in which a personality is hidden. This personality is often complex so that the interpretation of the viewer can not be detached of his or her own person.

The figures stand on their own and when shown in groups, the only visible link is otherness. That way they make a group journey with themselves.

The exhibition outlines the colorful images of this artist so that the viewer wants to break the shell and want to discover the inside. A goal that will bring us only closer to ourselves.