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Daimler Art Collection

The Daimler Art Collection started in 1977 with the acquisition of a painting by Willi Baumeister, and has since then developed a clear profile that has been built up steadily and systematically.

Today the Collection represents an important spectrum of major 20th century art developments and pictorial ideas, primarily in the field of abstraction. It extends right up to the present day: Examples of abstract art range from the avant-garde tendencies associated with the German Bauhaus movement and classic modernist art, Concrete Art, Constructivism and post-1945 Art Informel, the European Zero movement, Minimalism and Conceptual art, Neo Geo, post-minimalism and conceptual tendencies within international contemporary art, car-related art, international photography, video art and public sculptures.

The Daimler Art Collection reflects a commitment to art as a full part of Daimler’s self-image and cultural profile.


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