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De Mesdag Collection

A museum of their own

The Mesdag Collection in The Hague consists of the home and museum of this passionate artist-couple. Mesdag was a renowned marine painter, while his wife specialized in landscape and still life. They also assembled a large collection of 19th-century visual art and crafts.

Hendrik Willem Mesdag started out as a banker in the family business, ‘Firma Mesdag & Zonen’ in Groningen. He felt, however, that he was not cut out for a business career and decided to try his hand in the art world insteads. His dual role as artist and collector meant that he enjoyed significant contacts with artists, dealers and other collectors. In this way, Mesdag swiftly came to play an important role in cultural life in The Hague.

This special Museum, founded in 1887, is still open for public. The collection of the museum mainly consists of nineteenth century artworks. Next to the fixed collection, the museum regularly presents innovative and thematic presentations.


De Mesdag Collectie
Laan van Meerdervoort 7-F
2517 AB Den Haag, Nederland

General telephone number: 
T +31 (0)70 362 14 34