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Museum Oud Amelisweert

MOA is a ‘house of art’ set in a country park that exhibits and links three different collections: the biggest and broadest collection of work by Armando, Oud Amelisweerd – one of the country’s Top 100 listed historic buildings – and a collection of unique Chinese and other historic wall coverings.

Oud Amelisweerd country house was transferred to the management of Stichting Museum Oud Amelisweerd in August 2012, bringing to an end many years of disuse and intermittent occupation. The house and neighbouring coach house, in which De Veldkeuken restaurant and the museum’s ticket hall and shop houses, has been restored by Utrecht city council. The Armando Collection, which was formerly housed at the burned Armando Museum in Amersfoort, has found a worthy home at MOA.

The mission of MOA is to explore the essential and universal relationship between man and nature in the past, present and future.


Koningslaan 9

3981 HD Bunnik


General telephone number: 
+31 (0)30 890 54 60