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Tilburg School


The Tilburg School is an alliance between the five artists: Paul van Dongen, Guido Geelen, Marc Mulders, Reinoud van Vught and Ronald Zuurmond. The group of five maked name as a talented group of artists who feel connected to each other by mentality and motive, cooperation and friendship. From 1985, museums and galleries show the works of the members of the Tilburg School in several exhibitions. In addition, they have realised several exhibits themselves.

In 1997, the name Tilburg School was used for the first time in an article in Het Parool of Jhim Lamoree. On December 6, 2002 the Mondriaantoren Amsterdam showed a joint presentation of the Tilburg School that was called for the first time by that name.

Except from their roots, the artists are linked by their interest for the spiritual and pictorial heritage of 2000 years of Christianity and humanism.