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MIMA opens

On Wednesday, April 13th, a new museum of contemporary art opens in the former Belle Vue brewery in Molenbeek. By the name MIMA, the museum includes street art, graphic design, music, skateboarding and tattoo culture. The permanent collection includes works of artists such as Invader and Banksy.

Mima stands for the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art. According to the initiators, the museum is unique in Europe and will tell the story of this millennium and its emerging 2.0 Culture. Specifically it will exhibit art that opens creative domains: a mix of urban culture (graffiti, street art), graphic design (graphics, illustration, design), music (punk rock, electro, hip hop, folk), sports (skateboarding, surfing, extreme sports), geek and other art forms (film, visual arts, performance, comic, tattoo, styling).

The MIMA will appeal to a broad audience with quality and expressive artforms. There will be a close cooperation between the MIMA and the Meininger Hotel, to bring tourists to the museum. Furthermore, the MIMA also provides a shuttle service to the pedestrian area in the Brussels. There is also a museum shop, a restaurant and a rooftop terrace.