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Sculptures of Robert Schad in the public domain of Bretagne

From spring to autumn 2016, Bretagne is the scene of a nice exchange between heritage and contemporary art. Chemins du patrimoine and Finistère, le Festival Arts à la Pointe, Les Compagnons de l'Abbaye de Bon-Repos and La Maison Penanault have united to present the monumental sculptures by Robert Schad.

With sculptures on more than ten places in the French heritage area, visitors can see a unique selection of steel works by the artist. The route shows the variety of landscapes and architectural wealth of western Brittany, fril the rural center and the historic towns of the economic essort to the wild coast of the Iroise sea.

The works of Schad go in dialogue with architecture, urbanism and landscape without dominating them. They elevate what there is to see to a higher level. Help the visitor to see what surrounds him in a different way, often with subtle touches.