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Amédée Cortier

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Amédée (also Amadeus) Cortier was a Belgian painter and graphic artist. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (K.A.S.K.) in Ghent, from 1936 to 1942.

In the first twenty years of his oeuvre his work is mainly figurative, but from the sixties until the end of his life he made strictly abstract paintings. He is therefore regarded as one of the most important representatives of neoconstructive art in Belgium, in other words he is an important representative of the second generation of Belgian geometric abstracts.

More than the composition, the use of color is essential. His work tends towards the Nouvelle Peinture or fundamental art. Already in his work of the late 1950s, one can see that he is conducting research into the principles of painting.

Several Dutch and Begian museums own important paintings by Cortier. The works are regularly exhibited, often in relation to other, international artists.