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Anton Heyboer

The Netherlands
City of birth: 
Sabang (Sumatra), later Den Ilp

Anton Heyboer was a Dutch painter and etcher. He lived together with 5 women in a commune he founded in Den Ilp (nearby Amsterdam).

Heyboer was born in Sabang (on the island Pulau Weh in the north of Sumatra). His father was ingeneer and during is younger years Heyboer moved very often from place to place, from country tot country. In 1943, while living in Haarlem (The Nederlands) Heybour was captured by the Germans and transported to a workingcamp. Seven months later, Heyboer returned very sick to Haarlem.

After the second World War, he went to Borger. After staying a couple of months in a psychiatric hospital, he went living in Den Ilp with 3 women. Later two women joined in. Heyboer painted and made drawings, etchings and sulptures.

On April 10th of the year 2002, Heyboer was decorated by the queen of The Netherlands. Heyboer died while sleeping on april 9th of the year 2005. He was 81 years old.