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Carl-Henning Pedersen

City of birth: 

Carl-Henning Pedersen was a Danish painter of international importance. He was a member of the CoBrA group and added a significant Danish contribution to the movement.

Pedersen was initially planning to become a writer, but began painting in 1933 after he had met Else Alfelt who allready painted for much longer. She motivated him to paint too. In 1934 they married.

As a painter Pedersen was an autodidact. He had a special interest for aliens, horses and birds, as well as mythical creatures. He was very littele involved with the organizational and ideological aspects of CoBrA, his main interest was painting and creating.

Pedersen was the most productive in the period when CoBrA was active and became one of the prominent postwar artists from Denmark. His work was inspired by painters such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Georges Braque.