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Gilbert Swimberghe

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Gilbert Swimberghe is a Belgian painter. His work underwent an evolution for more than 60 years.

In 1958 he met Luc Peire and Victor Servranckx and was inspired by them to non-figurative work. For half a century he has purified his abstract expression.

Art critics define different periods of evolution that are characterized as follows: 1970-1971: pink period; 1972-1973: yellow period; 1974-1975: yellow-green period; 1975-1990: white and gray period; 1990-2015: deep gray to blue period.

Through abstraction, the artist evolved to stylization, geometry, constructivism, minimalism and spatialism to end up in a pictorial fundamentalism and finally in his famous blue geometric-sensitiveness.

The work of Swimberghe is present in many Belgian museums and public institutions and also in museums in the United States (New York), Germany (Leverkusen, Kaiserslautern), Italy (Milan), Canada (Victoria), Israel (Dimona), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).