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Winter :: Entropie buitenbeelden


The days are lengthening again. Today, we get about 20 minutes more sunlight than one month ago and by the end of this month this will be twice as much. Soon we will be thinking about working in the garden and reorganizing our outside living space. 

As an art lover, you probably already considered placing an outside artwork. Art and nature often have a surprising and refreshing interaction and placing an artwork outside of your home expands the indoor experience to new dimensions.

During the last few years, has specialized in monumental spacial art and the many practical and aestetic implications of it. By working with architects and technical engineers we learned a lot about positioning an artwork in an environment.

In Lembeke we can show you some outdoor sculptures from different artists in a nice setting. That way you can see the visual impact of a good art piece. By visiting our garden we can show you how we transport and fixate a sculpture in a safe way. Do not hesitate to contact us for a visit. We are keen to show you the value of art in your surroundings.

Discover the many possibilities and the diversity of our collection. Make an appointment to visit our garden and to concider your options.